Tyler, the Creator Hangs With the Science Guy in 'Bill Nye Saves the World' Trailer

Don't forget the theme song is all Tyler's doing.

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Everyone's favorite science guy is coming back to Netflix for a third season of his popular series Bill Nye Saves the World, and in the latest trailer for the season, theme-song-writer Tyler, the Creator makes a brief appearance. 

The clip from the trailer shows Bill Nye and Tyler onstage in front of a live audience with a strange contraption in front of them, which Nye proclaims excitedly as a "shoe wheel of death." Tyler looks on as Nye plugs in the weird, spinning shoe machine, offering snarky comment.


The third installment of the educational entertainment series is set to premiere on Netflix on May 11, and in it, Nye will continue to tackle the tough subjects. The first two seasons brought the charismatic, bow tie-wearing scientist to our streaming devices to discuss topics ranging from alternative medicine, video games, and marijuana. Nye will continue to dispel myths and combat anti-science theories in his third season.

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This season, Nye will provide his colorful commentary on such topics as evolution, how climate change will affect future food resources, and what our pets can teach us about being humans, reports DeadlineTyler is obviously the perfect guest for Nye's whimsical science show, but the new six-episode run will see additional cameos will include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karlie Kloss, Michael Ian Black, and Paul F. Tompkins. 

Watch the trailer for season 3 of Bill Nye Saves the World up top, and stream the series on Netflix. Tyler, meanwhile, is dropping some new Flower Boy merch.

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