Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan Are In For "Shanghai Dawn"


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The seminal Western comedy classic Shanghai Noon came out 15 (!) years ago (feel old?), and its sequel, Shanghai Knights came out three years later. That means its hardly too late for another installment—Dumb and Dumber waited even longer. So, fans of Owen Wilson saying "wow" and Jackie Chan in general can rejoice: both are returning for Shanghai Dawn.

Chan had previously said he was done with big studio action flicks (he's 61 now), but rumors of another Shanghai movie were swirling as early as last year; Chan was also in talks to join other franchises like the Expendables and the Karate Kid, plus a possible Rush Hour 4

Chan, Wilson and producer Jonathan Glickman are reportedly all signed on (Glickman worked on the other two films and the Rush Hour trilogy) but there's no script yet or even a screenwriter. Still, we're going to celebrate by watching Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights today, and you should too.

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