Watch Johnny Depp Slur His Way Through the Hollywood Film Awards

It's probably ongoing Capt. Jack Sparrow performance art.

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Perhaps taking a page from his iconic Pirates of the Caribbean character, Johnny Depp slurred and cursed his way through a speech at the 2014 Hollywood Film Awards last night. It's already weird enough that these pseudo-awards landed a primetime slot on CBS—they were started in 1997 by "a Mozambique-born entrepreneur" and his Price is Right model wife, and it's not entirely clear how the winners are chosen (you can read more about the sketchiness here).

Anyway, CBS got a lot of big stars to show up (Robert Downey Jr.Mike MyersKristen Stewart) and Depp presented Myers with an award for his documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. "I'm not very good at this kind of thing," Depp said as he swayed and struggled with the microphone. "Watch, I'm gonna read this thing," he said as he preceded to sort of read the teleprompter. Myers called the introduction "very rock 'n' roll," but social media lit up with the accusation that Depp was drunk. Which, to be fair, this seems like the kind of event one would have to get drunk to sit through.

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