Logan Paul Responds to Doctor Who Called His Prime Energy Drink 'Scary': 'You Don't Know a Single Thing'

The social media star called out the "Instagram Doctor" for allegedly stealing $1.4 million out of his own children's trust fund.

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Logan Paul had some words for a man who criticized his PRIME Energy drink, and he threatened him with a potential lawsuit

Earlier this week, Paul hopped on his TikTok page with a video of him calling out a "carrot-colored Instagram doctor" named Dr. Daniel Pompa, who had told his followers not to drink PRIME Energy due to all the chemicals allegedly in the product. Paul held no punches as he criticized the man for being a chiropractor with a suspended license and not an actual doctor while also mentioning he was sentenced to 16 years of probation for stealing $1.4 million from his children's trust fund.


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"Obviously, we sent this guy a cease and desist that got him to, like, half-apologize, but in the same video, he just doubled down on his bullshit," Paul said. "He's even getting called out and corrected in his own comment section for spreading misinformation, but now I gotta come on here and expose the guy because he can't tell the difference between a can of PRIME Energy and a bottle of PRIME Hydration." 

He added, "Hey, don't worry bro, I'm not gonna shoot you but, PRIME is considering suing you for the millions of dollars of damage you've caused and making you file for bankruptcy a second time. Buddy, you don't know a single thing about what you're claiming, but if I ever wanna overdose on self-tanner or get my back cracked, I'm coming straight to you."

Paul went on to tell his followers to share the video so that "our kids" won't be influenced by an "Instagram chiropractor" who stole money from his own children. PRIME Energy has become a popular product with consumers and the brand has been signing deals with a number of companies and celebrities such as the WWE and Peso Pluma.  

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