Island Boys' Flyysoulja Addresses Video of Him Kissing His Brother, Says They Made It to Prove a Point

The Island Boys kissed each other on the lips in a video the went viral this week.

Image via @kodiyaredd/Instagram

The Island Boys’ Flyysoulja is letting people know that he and his brother Kodiyakredd have no romantic feelings towards each other despite kissing on the lips in a viral video. 

The Florida natives shared a clip earlier this week that showed them embracing and kissing. The clip was a promotional video for Kodiyakredd’s OnlyFans page, but fans were confused about what they were watching.

It didn’t take long for fans to believe the brothers had something going on, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, according to Flyysoulja. In a statement to TMZ, Soulja claimed there are absolutely no feelings between the siblings, and they’ve done this more than once while saying they’ll do it again. (???)

"We're both straight males, and kissing is not counted as a sexual act," he said while also revealing the stunt had raised their OF subscriber count. 

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There’s a deeper meaning behind the video, though, maybe. Flyysoulja said the stunt was created to tell fans how they wanted to see "how fucked up this world is." A video of him kissing his brother got more views than any community outreach or philanthropic work they’ve done, Flyysoulja said.

For months, Flyysoulja claimed, he shared videos of him helping the homeless but took them down as he felt no one cared about the good work he was doing. The Island Boys are no strangers to pulling stunts for social media. 

They went viral in 2021 for their song “I’m an Island Boy,” which blew up on TikTok.

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