Paris Hilton Attends Prison Sentencing for Woman Who Hacked, Robbed Her: 'She Got What She Deserved'

The hacker who violated Paris Hilton's privacy pled guilty to bank fraud conspiracy and was sentenced to nearly five years in prison.

The man who hacked Paris Hilton’s iCloud account and stole nude photographs from the heiress was sentenced to 57 months in prison today. According to TMZ, Hilton feels Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan, who pled guilty to bank fraud conspiracy, “got what she deserved.” When it comes to iCloud’s seemingly convenient service, however, Hilton stated firmly that she hasn’t used it since the privacy-violating incident occurred, with one simple bit of advice to other celebrities: “Don’t trust the iCloud.”

Bkchadzhyan didn’t just hijack Hilton’s private photos—she stole over $130,000, as well. These things don’t usually end well. Hilton’s hacker was caught last November, and agreed to a plea deal which has now officially resulted in a nearly five-year prison sentence. As for Paris, she seems pretty satisfied with the results.

“Justice was served,” said Hilton upon exiting the courthouse. “I do feel good with the sentencing. She got what she deserved.” When asked if the defendant was present, and what it was like to be in the same room as her, Hilton made it clear that the crime emotionally affected her, and that none of this was easy.

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“Yes, she was [present],” she said. “It was traumatizing and terrifying to even look at her, and it made me feel sick to my stomach, just…everything that she put me through. But I was also happy that I got to see her and let her know exactly what she did, and how much it affected me, and I think that she really understood—and the judge really made her understand even more.”


In terms of storing her photos, Hilton is understandably averse to using anything even remotely tied to the internet. “I don’t use iCloud at all,” she said. “I haven’t, since this happened. I don’t trust it.” I don't think anyone can blame Hilton for deciding against saving her photos online, and choosing the simple life instead.

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