Ariana Grande Posts Loving Instagram Pic With Boyfriend Pete Davidson: 'I Thought You Into My Life'

Ariana Grande, who recently broke up with Mac Miller, and Pete Davidson, who recently publicly spoke about mental health, are officially an item. This IG post says it all.

Ariana Grande just posted a photo of her together with newly-official boyfriend Pete Davidson on Instagram and damn is it cute.

Rumors of this new pairing only sprang up less than two weeks ago, when sources described their relationship as “casual,” and that it all “just started.” Since then, Davidson has had to deal with online trolls who criticized the SNL actor for dating somebody while struggling with borderline personality disorder—something he admirably addressed in a post to social media—while Grande was unfairly attacked for ending her reportedly toxic relationship with Mac Miller. Fortunately for these two lovebirds, they seem to be doing beautifully—and genuinely appear happy

“I thought u into my life” is one of those romantic statements so devoid of cynicism and ego, that it could only spring from genuine care and affection for someone. Frankly, these two look like a perfect couple, and it’s always cathartic to see people—who’ve faced their share of stress and trauma—find each other, let their guards down, and take the ride. 

As for Grande, she revealed on the one-year anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing that her new album, Sweetener, is the most open piece of work she’s ever made. “I’ve never been this vulnerable to myself,” she said. “I feel like I graduated almost.” Fortunately, Davidson is there to help, and with a strong woman by his side, it’s safe to say all the trolls in the world won’t be able to faze him.  

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