Amy Poehler on 'Parks and Recreation' Revival: 'We Would All Do It'

'Parks and Recreation' star and producer Amy Poehler stopped by 'Ellen' with co-star Nick Offerman and straight up said the entire cast was down for a revival.

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Parks and Recreation stars Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and dropped the biggest possible news for rabid fans of the show: A revival is not only possible, but according to Poehler, who produced the show, the entire cast would happily make it happen. Of course, this is far from the official confirmation viewers have long been clamoring for, and the varied careers of the show’s stars would certainly pose a scheduling problem—but hey, it’s possible.

“I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it,” said Poehler. “I think we would all do it someday. It would be amazing.” 

To be clear, this is the kind of playful and crowd-pleasing stuff that actors always say when it comes to revivals and getting the band back together for another go-round, but having the show’s producer so =genuinely express her desire to actually make it happen is pretty exciting. Offerman, meanwhile, was all about cracking jokes.

“We said if Beyoncé will play the mayor, we’ll bring the show back,” he said. “This is Beyoncé Knowles,” he clarified, as if there was any other person in the world with that first name viewers could’ve confused her with. “The singer,” he continued. “The entertainer.”

Ultimately, everyone involved would have to find a mutually available time-slot in their calendars to properly come together to film this potential revival. With cast members as gigantic as Marvel and Jurassic World actor Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari, who has his own Emmy-award-winning show on Netflix (as well as a sexual misconduct scandal on his hands), that might be difficult—but one can dream. 

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