Drake Abruptly Ends FaceTime After Streamer IShowSpeed Calls His Voice 'So Sexy'

Drake was seen abruptly abandoning a FaceTime with award-winning streamer IShowSpeed after the vlogger called his voice "so sexy" among other praise.

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Drake was seen abruptly abandoning a FaceTime with award-winning-streamer IShowSpeed after the vlogger called his voice “so sexy.”

The incident went down on IShowSpeed’s Wednesday live stream, where the 6 God dropped in for a surprise FaceTime, and congratulated the YouTuber for amassing such a big following over the years.

“Yo, Drake! What’s good, bruh? Oh my God,” he said. “Yo Drake, what’s up dog? You look great right now. What’s up? Yo, you look good, bruh!”

He continued: “Damn, this is crazy, bruh. You gotta understand, for me, this is crazy, bruh. Drake, I’m a huge fan of you, bro.”

“I’m proud of you boy,” Drizzy replied after saying he was just heading to his office real quick and decided to pop in.

The praise continued, with IShowSpeed, who is an avid supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo, asked Drake whether he’d pick the latter over Lionel Messi.

“Wait, Drake,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to ask you this question, alright, please. Ronaldo or Messi?”

Drake responded: “Oh man, that’s a sticky one. Probably for me, probably Ronaldo, to be honest. I know that’s probably not gonna go over well. I know it’s Messi’s moment right now but for me, I’ve always just been a Ronaldo fan. I’m like you.”

“You a Ronaldo fan too, bruh?! Damn, bruh. Fuck, bruh,” Speed said. “Aye look, every time I meet everybody, they be like, ‘Yo, Messi better.’ But you, you bro, you are special bruh, you’re a special individual, bro. You are different.”

Drizzy continued, “I got a lot of love for you, man. Like I said, I’m proud of you. You’re doing your thing, man. I was talking about you the other day in the car…I’m proud of you, for real.”

“Bro, your voice is so sexy,” Speed said, which is when things took a turn. “Like, how is it so smooth like that? How your voice so smooth like that, bruh?”

Drake then ditched the call entirely, which caused left iShowSpeed to slam his chair and jump up out of frustration.

“He’s not gonna answer the phone again, bro,” he concluded. “I didn’t mean—I said it wrong, bruh. I meant to say his voice is smooth, but I said it wrong. On God, I said it bad.”

Watch the full exchange above.

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