Kai Cenat, xQc Review Pokimane's Midnight Mini Cookies: 'Not Worth $28 Bro'

The two both took to their respective streams to express their thoughts on the cookies.

Robin L Marshall / Getty Images

Despite a controversial start to Pokimane's new health-oriented food brand, Kai Cenat and xQc still want to know what the hype is about.

During a Twitch livestream, Cenat decided to try Pokimane's newly released Midnight Mini Cookies.

After he took his first bite, Cenat took his time to express his thoughts on the snacks.

You can watch the clip of Cenat trying the cookies here.

"The fudge part of the cookie, I'll be honest, dryer than a bitch's pussy," Cenat said. "Shit is dry."

It wasn't all bad for Cenat, however, as he praised the chocolate part of the cookies.

"The chocolate, though, is good," he says before trying another piece.

With his mixed feelings, Cenat didn't think the cookies were worth $28 USD.

"On my life though, not worth $28 bro. I'll be honest with you bro, not worth $28."

In a separate stream, xQc also tried the cookies and had similar thoughts as Cenat.

"The initial taste... doesn't taste like much," he said according to Dexerto. "Tastes like an Oreo cookie, but worse. Not as bitter. But then, the taste kicks in and it's not terrible."

He added that the aftertaste pushed him further away.

"The aftertaste kind of leaves me upset," he said. "It annoys me."

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