Director X Unveils Trailer For His New Series 'Robyn Hood'

The series will premiere on September 27 on Global.

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Director X is widely known for his music videos for artists including Drake, Future, and Kendrick Lamar among others, but he's also been heavily involved in making various movies and TV shows, including 2018's Superfly.

The Toronto-born filmmaker has released the trailer for a new series on the way called Robyn Hood which puts a modern Canadian twist on the similarly-titled famous English legend.

Robyn Hood follows the titular rapper and her anti-authoritarian hip-hop band as they fight for equality and justice against "the corrupt elite" in the city of New Nottingham.

"They believed in a show with a black cast wearing costumes and doing hero business, that doesn’t focus on the “struggle” but is a fun action adventure show that just so happens to have a black cast," Director X wrote on Instagram.

"When I was growing up it was unthinkable that a show like this would on be Global Television."

Robyn Hood stars Jessye Romeo, who previously appeared in Drake's "Falling Back" video, as the titular character Robyn Loxley. The series also stars Nykeem Provo, Idrissa Sanogo, Daniela Kharlamova, and Jonathan Langdon as various members of Loxley's crew.

The series will premiere on Sept. 27 and will consist of eight hour-long episodes for its first season.

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