Canadian Screenings Of 'Oppenheimer' In 70mm IMAX Have Been Encountering Problems

Cineplex Canada says it's “working directly with our partners to rectify a small number of issues.”

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Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer is finally in theatres and while many fans have been eagerly waiting to see it in the coveted 70mm IMAX format, some have faced various problems during showings.

Only a handful of theatres are showing Oppenheimer in the 70mm IMAX format so those who took the time to drive to those specific theatres have voiced their frustration after showings were cut off well into the movie.

One person attended one of the first showings in Vaughan on July 20 and noted that the projector went out for about 10 minutes.

I’m at my 70mm imax Oppenheimer screening and the projector stopped working suddenly 🙃

— Barbershak 2: Shak In Business (@ShakExcellence) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @ShakExcellence

They got it fixed 10 minutes later but yeah, that was really damn good.

Also, Nolan really cut the blank check on EVERY white man in Hollywood, cause the amount of guest appearances are fucking ridiculous lmao

— Barbershak 2: Shak In Business (@ShakExcellence) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @ShakExcellence

Another person was at the same showing and posted a video of the theatre and how everyone reacted.

Here’s the moment our 70MM IMAX showing of OPPENHEIMER abruptly shut off with 40 min left to go.

— patrick. | (@imPatrickT) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @imPatrickT

One viewer in Calgary noted that fans were given 70mm IMAX film strips but that the preferred IMAX version of the film was still not available.

#OMG Is this cool or what?!! 💞#Oppenheimer💞 //As part of the premiere festivities, attendees were also handed 70mm IMAX filmstrips from the movie, a snippet of cinema memorabilia ...//
P.S. Still no #IMAX1570 in Calgary today. Hopefully will be fixed soon!

— Kempton Lam 🇺🇦 🇨🇦 (@Kempton) July 22, 2023
Twitter: @Kempton

@IMAX Calgary Cineplex Chinook projectionists were unable to present Oppenheimer 70mm IMAX today. Were all Canadian theatres affected...?

— ugh (@DonnellyRhyl) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @DonnellyRhyl

Someone replied to the tweet and said that the showing was "completely out of focus" at the Cineplex Varsity location in Toronto.

Disaster of a showing at @CineplexMovies Varsity in Toronto. 6:00pm showing was completely out of focus.

— Paul Rowland-Roides (@proides) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @proides

Cineplex has since addressed the numerous issues and vowed to fix them. "All Oppenheimer 70mm films shown by Cineplex are facilitated by independent this party experts who are currently stationed in our theatres," Cineplex said in a statement to the Globe & Mail's Barry Hertz. "We are currently working directly with our partners to rectify a small number of issues."

NEW: @CineplexMovies says it’s “working directly with our partners to rectify a small number of issues” with OPPENHEIMER 70mm screenings that “are facilitated by independent third-party experts who are currently stationed in our theatres.” Problems in Toronto, Vaughan, Calgary.

— Barry Hertz (@HertzBarry) July 21, 2023
Twitter: @HertzBarry

Though some have reported their issues with their respective projections, many people say their showing went off without a hitch.

It remains to be seen when all these problems will be rectified across the country.

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