Watch Spider-Man Freak Out Starbucks Customers by Dropping From the Ceiling to Steal Coffee

Spider-Man dropped in on some unsuspecting customers at a New York City Starbucks, and they weren't prepared for a superhero with their coffee.

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Most people head to their local coffee shop for a very specific reason—they need to jump-start their day and be as productive as they can possibly be. But when most people are waiting in line, they expect the jolt of energy to come from the cup of coffee they're about to order, not a superhero dropping out of the ceiling and scaring them half to death.

Customers at a New York City Starbucks got to experience the latter recently, when Tom Holland's stunt double from Spider-Man: Homecoming came swinging out of the ceiling onto unsuspecting customers.

Viral marketing is one thing, but scaring customers to death is a bold strategy. As you can see from the footage, not everyone was prepared for a masked man to swoop in and grab a Starbucks cup off the counter.

spiderman scares woman in starbucks

On the contrary, some New Yorkers have seen enough in their lives that a giant spider-person is the least of their worries. They were happy to welcome the web-slinger into their favorite coffee spot.

friendly spiderman interaction at starbucks

During an interview on the publicity stunt with Mashablestunt man Chris Silcox was asked about the possibility of having drinks thrown at him for his shenanigans. He insists the staff at the store would have helped him get through it if he got hit with a frappuccino​ in his spider-junk.

"If a mocha latte was thrown at me," he said, "the amazing baristas working with us—who were actually working and gave every single person we surprised a drink and a smile—would have helped me clean my Tony Stark suit in a jiffy."

Better you than me, pal. I'll stick to drinking my coffee and waiting in line without a costume on, thank you very much. But if you want to see the gag in action, check the video up top, and prepare for more hijinks when Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives July 7.

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