The Story Behind the Open-World Sci-Fi Thriller "No Man's Sky" (Video)

The developer behind one of the most anticipated games of 2015 tells the story of the game's creation in the tiny indie studio.

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Space dinosaurs, interstellar travel, a unique galaxy built on classic sci-fi, it's hard to think of anything not to love about the indie game that's anything but indie sized, No Man's Sky.

Take a look behind the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) hype when game journalist and fans lined up to stare open-mouthed at what one little developer, formerly only known for its cartoon motorcycle games, could scratch that open-world, sci-fi itch that big developers haven't yet been able to.

Developer Hello Games has been through some serious ups and downs. Including the disaster of its offices flooding just a few weeks after the big reveal late last year. If nothing else, No Man's Sky is a game with serious ambition. Hit up the links below for more.

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