"GTA V" Stunting: This Guy Drives Better Than You (Video)

A police chase up Mount Chiliad

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Grand Theft Auto Online launches this morning but if you're lucky enough to get in a room you're still going to be waiting some time to play. While you’re waiting check out this police chase up Mount Chiliad from a guy you drives way better than you.

If you weren’t aware, the mountain is a great place to blow up helicopters, as they get nice and close. Also a great place to find some cliffs to jump off. Drives take a while to get used to in GTA V but this guy has got it down.

Grand Theft Auto Online launched today but with its huge retail success Rockstar says to expect delays in the first few days. We were online earlier and load times once players access the cloud servers can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes to get into a game.

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