What Does a Recent College Grad Have to Do to Pay Off Student Loans? Go Homeless, Maybe

Living that post-grad dream.

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What are the two scariest words in the English language? Try...



That shit is a bitch to pay off, you know, I know, we know—especially if you also trying to thrive. But one guy figured out a way to live that glam New York City life while effectively paying off his student debt: by living in his small-ass Honda Fit. According to Brooklyn Mag, recent college alum John graduated from Framingham State (in Mass.) in 2013 with a $26,000 student loan debt. Now? He's almost debt-free. "I get a New York City salary without the New York City rent. It’s awesome," he says.  

It started by John moving out of a shitty living situation in Bed-Stuy a couple years ago and spending what he thought was just a few nights in his car between apartments. But a few nights turned into a month, and he saw that he had an extra thousand dollars in his bank account. He says his fashion design major helped him construct things like curtains. (But what about a closet to keep all your fire fits??) Since then, John has become a low-key Reddit celeb slash life coach and maybe has even figured out the life-hack for post-grads who wants to ~travel~ and ~backpack~ and ~not quite settle down yet~ while simultaneously jumping into grown-up adult life. A win-win! (It's not clear what he does for a living, but he does mention having "cool co-workers" who let him store stuff in the office, so that's pretty rad.)

Now he's a week away from completely paying off his loans, but he's not done with this lifestyle just yet. “Im gonna keep doing this for probably another year and have a huge savings,” he says. Damn. Definitely not a recommended route for everyone, but props to you, John.

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