Remember That Time Chris Rock Dressed in Drag on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?'

Remember that time Chris Rock dressed in drag to play his sister on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'?

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About four years ago, we looked at the phenomenon of black comedians dressing in drag. From Flip Wilson to Eddie Murphy, there's a storied history of black comedians hitting our televisions AND the silver screen as women, for varying degrees of comedic effect. One person we didn't factor in was Chris Rock, who ended up playing a character and that character's sister on an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air almost 20 years ago.

Remember that?

The premise was simple: on the Season 6 episode, "Get a Job," Will and Carlton are competing to nail a job at Hilary's talk show, Hilary. The first order of business? Pleasing and locking down a deal with a movie director named Maurice (played by Chris Rock). After Carlton fucks it up, Will ends up charming Maurice, ultimately saving the deal with Maurice while they're talking business at the Banks residence. Maurice is down to do the show, with one caveat: Will has to agree to take Maurice's sister, Jasmine, out on the town. Will's a natural ladies man, so no worries, right?

Then he gets a good look at Jasmine... who is also played by Chris Rock. I mean, Chris Rock is cool, and there's someone for everyone, but Chris Rock in a platinum blonde wig and leopard-print dress and red lipstick? Obviously not the move.

Will promises to be on his best behavior, but can't rock with Jasmine, who is VERY into Will. He takes her to one of the most turnt '90s clubs in sitcom history, but after a number of downright scary advances, Will feigns a sickness, ditching Jasmine back at her hotel so he can be all up in the club with Jazz again. Jasmine, the ugly duckling with the heart of gold, ends up hitting the club with Carlton, who picked her back up after she dropped off some soup for a "sick" Will.

What's dope is after Carlton fucked up the gig and Will sonned him, Carlton ended up covering for Will and taking Jasmine out, although he does get Will back in the end. The family that endures the unwanted advances of a woman who looks like Chris Rock stays together, I guess? 

We know how the story goes: this was the second episode in the final season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and while not too many people remember that Chris Rock was even on the show, this was before he even hit HBO with his brilliant Bring the Pain special, which led to the mainstream success that Rock is still eating off of to this day.

I'm not saying that getting into a dress for Will Smith's show made Chris Rock a superstar, but I'm not not saying it.

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