Watch Regina Hall Stress Issa Rae Out in This Exclusive 'Little' Clip


Five years ago, a 10-year-old Marsai Martin approached black-ish creator Kenya Barris with a Big -inspired idea for a film. On April 12, 2019, that idea—which turned into the film Little—is hitting theaters, making Marsai the youngest person ever to executive produce a major Hollywood film.

In the film, Regina Hall plays Jordan Sanders, the kind of boss you hate: really pushy, really man. A trash individual. One day, she becomes "little," being portrayed by Marsai, and has to figure out how to make it back to adulthood. Her assistant, April (played by Issa Rae), is along for the ride.

Today, we have an exclusive scene from the film, which perfectly describes the relationship between an adult Jordan and April, aka highlights just how bad she treats April. It also showcases that Regina Hall can pretty much do ANYTHING when it comes to acting.

Little hits theaters on April 12, 2019. If anything, support young Marsai and her aspirations of Hollywood dominance. That said, this still has a feel-good vibe that many will enjoy. Don't sleep.

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