Exclusive: Check Out Born x Raised's 'GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners' Collaboration

The latest update to Rockstar's sprawling GTA Online universe brings the car meet to Los Santos, and with it, figures in the LA scene like Born x Raised.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners -Lead Launch Art
Rockstar Games

Image via Rockstar Games

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners -Lead Launch Art

Last week, Rockstar Games teased the next update for their massive GTA Online world that brings the fast-paced world of car mod culture to Los Santos with GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners. The potential of this update, which aims to bring gearheads worldwide together by adding enhanced car mods and performance updates as well as new vehicle-themed missions and races in this massive update, is amazing considering what they were able to pack into GTA Online with their “Cayo Perico Heist” update back in December.

Check out the full trailer for GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners, which is a free update across all playable copies of Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems, the PC, and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S systems via backwards compatability.

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One of the biggest parts of Los Santos Tuners is the LS Car Meet, which is hidden in plain sight (aka it takes place in an abandoned warehouse in Cypress Flats) and is the spot for car enthusiasts, racers, and the like. The space is combat-free, promoting a safe environment for appreciation of the culture. It’s there where you will meet Mimi, who helps new members start their journey and get their Car Rep up—once LS Car Meet members, they’ll have the ability to test drive on an exclusive track, try out new vehicles, discounts, rewards, and many more perks. 

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Mimi

As anything GTA Online, music plays a part in this (under)world as well. It’s primarily focused on Moodymann, who was already a part of the GTA Online world and plays a larger role in this specific update. Lowkey, as Kenny (aka KDJ), Moodymann is able to operate on the low at the LS Car Meet, alongside his associate Sessanta, giving players jobs that will help build their Auto Shop, allowing the LS Car Meet to operate behind the scenes. It’s a slick way to expand on Moodymann’s involvement in-game, and comes with some intriguing perks of its own!

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Kenny aka KDJ in Born x Raised

One of those perks is getting dope gear from Born x Raised, the LA-based label that represents Los Angeles street culture that collaborated with Rockstar Games on some dope in-game apparel that we can give an exclusive look at. According to Rockstar, when Moodymann was asked about his in-game depiction, he specifically asked for his custom Born x Raised jacket to be included, sparking the need for this ill recreation.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Moodymann x Born X Raised

There are currently two Born x Raised t-shirt designs available for players, in black and white, that include Born x Raised’s iconic logo alongside recreations of two cities: GTA Online’s Los Santos and Detroit, Moodymann’s home. It’s an ill way to blend the IRL world of tuner culture and the growing tuner world within GTA Online, and isn’t even the best part! Moodymann’s crafted “Kenny’s Backyard Boogie Mix,” is being added to the game as part of player’s ability to add new music to their in-car radio dial via Media Sticks that are scattered throughout Los Santos. “Kenny’s Backyard Boogie” mix features exclusive new Moodymann material, including a collaboration with Prince’s former band The Time(!). CircoLoco Records has a new mix from Seth Troxler, “CLR Launch Party,” hitting the game as well. 

Word is that this fall, the debut of Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S will mean a new Los Santos Tuners update featuring “new top speed boosts to select vehicles, new top speed boosts to select vehicles, including new versions of the Grand Theft Auto III classic, the Bravado Banshee, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of GTA III,” according to the Rockstar Newswire, which has loads more information on this update.

For more images of the Los Santos Tuners update, check below.

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Born X Raised T-Shirts
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Pursuit Series 3
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - CircoLoco Records T-Shirt
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - LS Car Meet 2
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Moodymann aka Kenny with Sessanta
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Annis ZR350
GTA Online Los Santos Tuners - Moodymann aka Kenny and Sessanta with Benny


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