#12DaysOfDeadpool Ends With a Second Red Band 'Deadpool' Trailer

Deadpool ends a glorious "12 Days of Deadpool" with the latest trailer for his upcoming film.

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While most illegal movie downloaders were already gifted with films they wanted to see on this most glorious Christmas day, the one film savage, ultraviolence-loving individuals like myself want to see isn't out for another few months: that's right, we're already thinking on February 12, 2016, aka when we get to see a proper Deadpool​ movie in the theaters.

For the last 11 days, Deadpool has been celebrating the #12DaysofDeadpool with all kinds of content (including an annotated script, his own set of emoji, and this most-lit 'Pool Log), but today, for Christmas, we've been gifted the latest trailer for Deadpool, and it does NOT disappoint.

If you were confused about why you should care about Deadpool, everything's here: how he got his regenerative powers, why he's pissed off and looking to take out his foes, and you get a larger dose of his sarcastic wit. There's even heavier doses of what Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead can do. And because this is the second red band trailer, there's mad violence to be enjoyed.

Sure, this might be the most violent thing to watch on Christmas (outside of Krampus or Silent Night, Deadly Night), but it also means that we're just a few short months away from what will no doubt be one of the most insane comic book adaptations to ever hit the silver screen.

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