If you wanted superhero movie news from this year's San Diego Comic Con, you were NOT disappointed. Not only did we get word that Wonder Woman 2 is officially going down, but we got trailers for Justice League, The Defenders, and Thor: Ragnarok, among others. Sadly, while Marvel announced a lot—including re-showing the Avengers: Infinity War footage from the D23 Expo last weekend and confirming that Captain Marvel will be set in the '90s and feature a two-eyed Nick Fury—we haven't received a lot in the way of trailers or new footage, but don't fret; you should be getting excited for what did transpire in Hall H during the various Marvel Studios panels.

From info on Ant-Man & Wasp to whatever made the crowd at the Black Panther panel rise to their feet, it sounds like Marvel truly put on a show. Thing is, with these announcements happening when most of you are turning up on a summery Saturday night, you might've missed a thing or two. For those of you who hadn't been checking for it, here's a quick look at what Marvel Studios presented at Comic-Con.

Michelle Pfeiffer has been cast in Ant-Man & Wasp

With former Batman Michael Keaton swooping into Spider-Man: Homecoming as the Vulture, it might make sense that his Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer, joins the Marvel world as well, being cast as Janet van Dyne (wife to Michael Douglas' Hank Pym and mother of Evangeline Lilly's Hope van Dyne) in Ant-Man & Wasp, which is due in theaters on July 6, 2018. For those who remember, Janet was hinted at in 2015's Ant-Man, with her whereabouts being unknown, so this either means that Van Dyne will be appearing in present-day or in some sort of flashback.

It was also announced that Laurence Fishburne had been cast in the film as Bill Foster, who comic fans might remember as Black Goliath, who had powers that mirrored Hank Pym's.

New footage from The Punisher

During the Defenders panel on Friday night, some footage from the Netflix series The Punisher was shown, and it sounds like it's straight out of the comic books. Variety reports that we start out with a flashback of Frank Caste (Jon Bernthal) playing guitar with his daughter before shooting to the present to shoot a bad guy on a bike (before running him over with his car). Here's how they described the next scene.

The scene then jumps to El Paso, Texas, where a cartel boss is heading into a club. Castle observes him through a window via a sniper rifle scope. As the cartel boss gets frisky with two women, Castle kills him from a considerable distance with the rifle. Finally, he corners a hood named Mickey O’Hare in a bathroom at JFK Airport in New York. When O’Hare asks if killing him will bring him any closure, Castle replies no before strangling O’Hare with his own necktie.

As of right now, there's no word on the official release date for The Punisher.

The Black Panther brings the house down

During the Black Panther panel, an exclusive scene from the film was played. According to Collider, it featured "a casino stakeout gone wrong," where T'Challa and the squad are tailing Ulysses Klaue in a diamond exchange with CIA Agent Everett Ross. Word is that the scene turns chaotic, with Danai Gurira's character Okoye going buck wild on Klaue's goons. Sounds like it's an epic battle from end to end, and multiple reports say the footage got a standing ovation from attendees and the cast themselves.

The #BlackPanther cast at the Marvel panel after seeing their footage for the first time is the best thing you'll see today #sdcc pic.twitter.com/yJzvcCXgfy

— Eve Hirschman (@hirschwoman) July 23, 2017

During an interview with MTV News, Michael B. Jordan spoke on his character Killmonger and the relationship he has with T'Challa, comparing it to Magneto and Professor X. "He has a different opinion on how Wakanda should be ran," Jordan said of Killmonger. "He has his eyes on the throne, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to get there."

Marvel also released a new poster for Black Panther, which hits theaters on February 16, 2018.

New Black Panther poster from SDCC 2017. #sdccmarvel #BlackPanther pic.twitter.com/kvhJyeZWdw

— Brian Stelfreeze (@Stelfreeze) July 23, 2017