'Marvel’s Avengers' Hands-On Highlights Customization, Combat and Kamala

Here's our hands-on preview of the upcoming 'Marvel's Avengers' video game from the New York Comic-Con 2019 floor.

Marvel's Avengers

Image via Square Enix

Marvel's Avengers

The first day of New York Comic Con was heavy on clouds, cosplay, and clout chasing. But thankfully, the good folks at Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics got the memo early and stayed off of the beaten path to showcase an exclusive look at their upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. As I entered the Penthouse 45 space, I was still feeling the burn from that cringe-worthy trailer where Not Robert Downey Jr. and Not Chris Hemsworth were kicking much arse atop the Golden Gate Bridge.

This hands-on demo would find myself and others playing the same introduction section that was at Gamescom. It was my first time, so before pressing the cross (X) button on what is another potential blockbuster superhero game adaptation, I paused to really see how the other players were taking to the game. As Thor, some players preferred to fly around and deliver forceful bolts of lightning as soldiers attempt to attack San Francisco. Others wanted to get their melee on, throwing Mjolnir to stick a soldier against a bus, and wallop on a group of baddies.

Marvel's Avengers
Marvel's Avengers

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Up next was Hannah MacLeod, who was extremely excited to share a BIG surprise with those in attendance. “The Avengers have disassembled. Bruce is trapped in his own personal hell inside the Hulk, Tony disconnects from the world, and Black Widow and Thor take Cap’s passing in their own dramatic ways,” she said. “With those odds against them, we’re excited to tell an Avengers story that’s not just about saving the world, but also about saving the Avengers themselves.”

To do that, Crystal Dynamics’ Narrative Designer and Writer announced that Kamala Khan, better known as Ms. Marvel, as a playable character. The future Disney+ star is one of six playable characters that can be used throughout Marvel’s Avengers, but my money is on Khan quickly becoming one of the standouts once the game is out. “Her embiggen powers add a dramatic element to the game that makes it totally unique.” Her addition to the game not only ties her to the larger Marvel properties on TV and film, but help to cement her as recognizable name amongst the more well-known heroes in the Marvel Universe. The surprises didn’t stop there as Rich returned to introduce Vincent Napoli, Lead Combat Designer with Marvel’s Avengers. “Whether you play the awesome way or the even better way, Ms. Marvel’s role in the game hints at a larger story that we hope gets gamers excited in a major way,” he shared with us in the room. 

With that said Vincent welcomed us back to the room to get some actual hands-on time with Kamala in an X-Men-Danger-Room-styled level. Facing off against waves of different AIM enemies, Marvel’s Avengers boasts a customizable array of skills that help elevate combat. “We are building a game where each hero looks and feels different,” Rich shared. “Based on how you build your character can greatly affect how you play, and we are excited about the possibilities.” For the training room level with Ms. Marvel, her embiggen powers are in full effect. Towering over spider-like mechazords with ease, she can also elongate her limbs to smack down enemies with multiple combos. 

Marvel's Avengers

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