Emily Blunt Might Play Mary Poppins in a Sequel to the 1964 Film

Music to our ears.

Image via Gage Skidmore

It’s time to lock your childhood away in a box and never look at it again because that’s the only way the things you hold dear from that time period will remain untouched. After a live action remake of both The Jungle Book and Tarzan were announced, another family favorite is being fed to newer generations.

Disney is reportedly working on a sequel to Mary Poppins set 20 years after the original film. Rob Marshall, who directed musical juggernauts Chicago and Into the Woods, is said to be helming the project and Edge of Tomorrow star Emily Blunt is in talks to star as the famous musical nanny. According to the Hollywood Reporter her name has been placed at the top of the list of actors the people behind the project went to see in the role.

Details remain scarce but the story will supposedly be set in Depression-era London following a grown up Michael Banks who has his own children to look after. When things get rough, his older sister Jane will return, as will Mary Poppins.

So far, Blunt is the only actor rumored to be attached to the project.

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