Bill Maher Offers Mitt Romney $1 Million to Unseat Trump

Bill Maher announced during his latest HBO special, 'Bill Maher: Live From Oklahoma,' that he would happily give Mitt Romney $1 million to take over the presidency from Donald Trump.

Bill Maher announced during his Saturday HBO special, Bill Maher: Live From Oklahoma, that he would happily give Mitt Romney $1 million to take over the presidency from Donald Trump.

During the standup show, his 11th solo special on the network, Maher said, "I was so scared Romney was going to be president I gave Obama a million bucks."

He then joked, "I would gladly give Romney $1M tomorrow if he would take over America. Swear to god!"

He added,"I will become a Mormon, how about that?"

This isn't the first time Maher said he would embrace Mormonism and hand over $1 million to Romney if he took over the White House from Donald Trump. Last year, Maher told Van Jones on CNN’s The Messy Truth, "I would happily give that million dollars right now to Mitt Romney if he would take over the country." He added, "I would become a Mormon. How about that? I will become a Mormon and give you a million dollars, Mitt Romney, if you will please take over the country."

Maher believes that even Vice President Mike Pence would probably be a better president than Donald Trump, although he passionately despises him. He said on Live From Oklahoma that "of all the enablers that get under [his] skin," Pence is the one he hates the most. He then added, "When people say Mike Pence would be worse, I implore you to reconsider that. Mike Pence is the kind of loathsome Christian hypocrite that, if I didn’t hate religion already, I would start. But Mike Pence is not trying to become a dictator. He does not talk about locking up journalists and political opponents. He can name all three branches of government. He is within the normal parameter of Republican awful. He’s not the head of a crime family."

Maher also joked that Pence was one of two "Super Christians," along with Jeff Sessions. He said, "I saw that they were trying to use the Bible to justify separating children from their parents at the border. So I hope you will agree with me that, above all things in this world, what needs scrutiny and criticism is religion."

Not surprisingly, the political comedian spent most of Live From Oklahoma talking about Trump, the "malignant narcissist." His show, Real Time with Bill Maher, is currently in its 16th season on HBO.

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