Florida Woman Arrested for Calling 911 to Request Sex from Police Officer

Don't play with 911.

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A Florida woman who called 911 seeking a sexual encounter was arrested last week for abusing the service, authorities say. 

According to the Smoking Gun, 58-year-old Maria Montanez-Colon phoned 911 on Friday night saying she was involved in dispute with family members regarding the ownership of her late husband's Corvette. But when Punta Gorda Police Department Officer Justin Davoult arrived, she threw herself at him relentlessly. 

When Davoult asked how he could be of service to Montanez-Colon, she unapologetically informed him "You can f*** me." In addition to confessing to the Davoult how "horny" she was, Montanez-Colon began groping the officer. Within an hour of Davoult leaving her home, Montanez-Colon called 911 once again, demanding to see another officer. 

When Davoult returned with a lieutenant, Montanez-Colon called the officer a "perfect gentleman," explaining that she was only frustrated because he had turned her down. She was arrested for making false calls to 911 and taken to jail, where she's still being held.

Don't play around with 911.

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