Oklahoma Woman Hides Secret Stash in Nether Region

What wasn't she hiding down there?

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This story gives "love gun" a whole new meaning. 

Earlier this week, authorities in Ada, OK arrested Christie Dawn Harris after a pistol, ammunition, meth and other assorted drug paraphernalia were found in her vehicle. But police got another surprise when they took the 28-year-old to the local jail. Harris kept complaining that she had to use the bathroom, and when officers ordered her to change into a stylish jail jumpsuit, she said she couldn't because she was on her period.

After agreeing to a body cavity search, an officer spotted "a wooden and metal item" protruding from Harris' vagina. It was a .22-caliber Freedom Arms handgun loaded with three live rounds. Pontotoc County District Attorney Chris Ross adds that Harris also had plastic baggies of meth "wedged in the crack of her buttocks." Meth in her crack, imagine that.

Harris and a pal, who have a laundry list of priors between the two of them, were hit with a slew of drug and weapons charges.

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