NYPD Officer Allegedly Groped Rape Victim While Investigating Her Case


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An NYPD officer who was investigating a rape case stands accused of groping the victim. 

The New York Daily News reports that Detective Lukasz Skorzewski was in Seattle visiting the victim with his boss, Lt. Adam Lamboy, in July 2013. The 24-year-old had reportedly reached out to police to report her rape at a Union Square apartment following a night of drinking.

After her initial interview, the woman met up with Skorzewski and Lamboy because she had follow-up questions. They invited her to go out for drinks, a process which somehow lasted for nine hours. When the woman realized how far they had traveled from where she left her car, Skorzewski and Lamboy reportedly offered to let her stay at their hotel.

The Daily News adds that Skorzewski, who is married, allowed the woman to sleep on the bed while he opted for the couch. However, she claims things got out of hand the next morning: 

In the morning, she says Skorzewski asked her if he could lie down and put his arm around her. Then he asked if he could kiss her.

She froze, outraged at the suggestion.

He was married with two kids, she thought. And he was investigating her initial rape case. She said no — but then they started getting physical with each other.

She said she told him she needed to leave her clothes on. Skorzewski laughed, she recalled. She had also told the man who raped her that she needed to keep her clothes on.

Skorzewski was aggressive, she said.

He really felt me up, tried to get his hands down my pants, she told The News. He was trying to put his hands down my pants or work them up my shorts.

She said she participated but then ended it. She got in the shower alone.

According to the Daily News, Skorzewski and the woman kept in contact until she assumed that his wife discovered the affair. When news of the incident broke, he was transferred out of the Manhattan Special Victims Division, as was Lamboy—who was already under investigation for a separate incident. A police source told the Daily News that Skorzewski "should have been fired." 

An Internal Affairs investigation into the incident continues.

[via New York Daily News]

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