Colorado Homeowner Receives Bomb Threat After Hanging Up on Telemarketer

Oh, you think it's a game?

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Police in Mead, CO, were forced to evacuate residents after a sensitive telemarketer threatened to blow up the home of a customer who hung up on him. The telemarketer was allegedly explaining to the man that he had won some money, but the homeowner was not the least bit interested. The telemarketer then called the man back and got "pretty rude," explaining that he had placed a bomb inside of his house.

The homeowner reached out to the police, who evacuated the area, but found no trace of a bomb in his home. He believes the call came from overseas, due to the telemarketers thick accent. Local law enforcement said that if this is true, the FBI will be contacted. In the meantime, this will not make telemarketers any more popular.

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