'SNL' Stars Pete Davidson and Chris Redd Turn Drake's "God's Plan" Into "Don's Plan" in Trump Roast

"I only love Ivanka and Putin, I'm sorry."

Drake and Pete Davidson on SNL

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Drake and Pete Davidson on SNL

Drake’s “God’s Plan” has all the elements of an undeniable hit: with over 100 million streams in a week, the videomade everyone cry, and it also makes for surprisingly great parodies. Jimmy Kimmel’s parody was alright, but Saturday Night Live stars Pete Davidson and Chris Redd just did a political spin on the song that is pure genius. You can listen to “Don’s Plan,” which sees both Davidson and Redd rapping about Donald Trump and his disastrous presidency, below.



You have to hand it to them: the lyrics in this parody are excellent. In just the first few bars, the duo manage to hit some of the most high-profile scandals that the Trump administration has had to deal with in the past few months: "Keeping calm while tweeting is a struggle for me/Tell Stormy she can pee and cuddle with me/Steppin’ out the plane as the wind hits my weave/My ties with the NRA stay deep/ Try to bring the country back to 2003." It looks like the two had a lot of fun putting the whole thing together.

The tweets are an everlasting issue, but that insane Stormy Daniels scandal only happened a few weeks ago (that sly, much-appreciated nod to the infamous pee tape is also much appreciated). Who can forget the haunting image of Trump’s hideous comb-over flapping about in the wind as he boards Air Force One? (No, seriously, tell me how to erase this image from my brain.) Finally, the parody’s nod to Don’s “NRA ties,” an issue that has been right smack in the middle of the news cycle recently, as the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting continue to pressure lawmakers for more action on gun control.

One of the most fun and memorable parts of “God’s Plan” is when Drake finally admits he only loves his bed and his momma (and he’s sorry), but this parody’s version is delightful, gesturing towards Trump’s creepy obsession with his daughter and undying devotion to Putin: “My wife said do you love me? I tell her only partly/I only love Ivanka and Putin, I’m sorry.”

Some other standout lines include: “Without white supremacy, there’s no me,” “Kim Jong-Un is a hoe,” and “Shout out GOP/Oprah ain’t got sh*t on me.”

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