Lil Rel Howery Calls Tracy Morgan 'One Hating Ass Dude' Over Tiffany Haddish Comment

Tracy Morgan did not want to talk about Tiffany Haddish in a recent interview.

Get Out star Lil Rel Howery, one of Tiffany Haddish’s former castmates on The Carmichael Show, called out Tracy Morgan on Twitter for comments Morgan made about Haddish’s career and involvement in his new TBS show, The Last O.G. 

In an interview with Vulture from last week, Morgan was asked how it’s been to watch Haddish’s career blow up since her starring role in last summer’s excellent Girls Trip. Instead of going the easy route, Morgan said: “We’re not gonna go there, because this isn’t Tiffany’s show. This is Tracy Morgan. This is The Last O.G.” 

“You gotta ask that about Tiffany, ask that about Cedric [the Entertainer], and ask that about craft services,” Morgan added. It was definitely a bizarre thing to say about the female lead of his show, though it was unclear if it was just a bad joke or if he really thought Haddish’s career was comparable to craft services. 

Lil Rel was having none of that, and called Morgan “one hating ass dude” yesterday on Twitter. “Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!” he added.


This is one hating ass dude right here that show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it... Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!

Lil Rel only posted the most offending portion of Morgan’s interview with Vulture—in the full version, Morgan goes on to say that he loves Haddish, but he treats everybody on the show's crew like family, which explains his desire to not “just shine a light on Tiffany.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone hating on the woman that literally gifted us with the glorious #WhoBitBey moment, which is why I’m inclined to believe Morgan misspoke, but I guess anything is possible. 

Lil Rey then hopped back on Twitter to double down on his previous comments. 

I’m so happy I’m part of a new generation of entertainers that support what’s right and not afraid of pointing out what’s wrong... Also that doesn’t mind showing each other love and support I’m done with bitter old heads!!!! Done!!!

In any case, The Last O.G. was recently renewed for Season 2. In the meantime,  Haddish is enjoying her well-deserved spot in the limelight, with a string of music video appearances (she was in Drake’s “Nice For What” and, more recently, in Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” alongside Cardi B). You can also look out for her in Night School, premiering later this year, in which she stars alongside Kevin Hart

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