NYPD Have 'Enough Evidence to Arrest' Harvey Weinstein After Rape Allegations

Actress Paz de la Huerta alleges Harvey Weinstein raped her twice in New York City in 2010.

Harvey in Cannes

Harvey Weinstein is spotted at Hotel Martinez during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival at on May 19, 2017 in Cannes, France.

Harvey in Cannes

It’s been four weeks since the New York Times published its groundbreaking report on Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual misconduct, and since then, dozens more women have come forward to tell their story of sexual harassment at the hands of the former Hollywood mogul. Actress Paz de la Huerta recently came out with one of the most disturbing accounts yet: she alleges Weinstein raped her twice in 2010 in New York City. Today, NYPD detectives claim they have “enough evidence to arrest” Weinstein as a result of those allegations. 

de la Huerta, known for her role on Boardwalk Empire, appeared on Weinstein’s film Cider House Rules when she was 14 years old, and ran into him at the Standard High Line Hotel in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in November 2010.

“Immediately when we got inside the house, he started to kiss me and I kind of brushed [him] away,” de la Huerta told Vanity Fair. “Then he pushed me onto the bed and his pants were down and he lifted up my skirt. I felt afraid. It wasn’t consensual. It happened very quickly. He stuck himself inside me… When he was done he said he’d be calling me. I kind of just laid on the bed in shock.” The second rape happened weeks later.

Many of the claims against Weinstein are difficult to prosecute, but, crucially, New York state did away with its five-year statute of limitations rules for rape back in 2006. This means Weinstein can legally be prosecuted for the crime against de la Huerta.

BREAKING: NYC police say they have a credible rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein, are gathering evidence for possible arrest.

"I believe, based on my interviews with Paz, that from the New York Police Department standpoint we have enough to make an arrest,” said Detective Nicholas DiGaudio, who is leading the Weinstein investigation in New York.

Weinstein’s representatives have previously released a statement that "unequivocally" denied "any allegations of non-consensual sex." Weinstein is also under investigation by the LAPD for another rape allegation, this time from 2013. 

Aaron Fuller, de la Huerta's lawyer, said today on The Megyn Kelly Show that Weinstein "would likely be arrested" if he were to go to New York. "We're not really sure where he is. If he's in Arizona still," he said, referring to the treatment facility where Weinstein is said to be. "This is the police view of it, and then whether the district attorney is prepared to file charges is up to their investigation."

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