Andrew Lincoln of 'The Walking Dead' Sings Goodbye to On-Screen Son to the Tune of "Havana"

“God I hate those freakin’ zombies/They keep eating all of my friends and family.”

Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln, stars of 'The Walking Dead.'
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Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln, stars of 'The Walking Dead.'

Spoilers about the current season of The Walking Dead are discussed openly below. Continue reading only if you are mature enough to not @ me into oblivion. Thanks.

If you’ve been keeping up withThe Walking Dead’s eighth season on AMC, then you already know that this week’s episode will likely be very emotional, as it will be Carl’s last moments on the show. Carl (played by Chandler Riggs) was bit by a zombie on the show’s December shocking midseason finale, so his eventual death has been in the cards for months now. But just because it’s predestined doesn’t mean the cast aren’t going to be sad to see a prominent cast member go, and that’s doubly true for Andrew Lincoln, who plays Carl’s father, Rick Grimes. That’s why Lincoln recorded a hilarious and touching goodbye video to Carl. Now, why Lincoln chose to do it to the tune of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” we might never know.

🎶“God I hate those frickin’ zombies. They keep eating all my friends and family.”🎶 Tune in this Sunday at 9/8c to say goodbye to Carl. #TWD

In the self-recorded video, Lincoln decides to show off his piano skills and (questionable) singing voice in an a capella original song dedicated to Carl and their strange life fighting zombies nonstop. He starts out by saying that a good thing about Riggs’s departure is that he won’t have to say “Carl” anymore, but in truth, “the minuses far outweigh the pluses.” He then dedicates his “Havana” cover to Riggs. “God I hate those freakin’ zombies/They keep eating all of my friends and family” is one of the standout lyrics, as is “Chandler, oh la la/Half of my heart died with Chandler, oh la la/He comes from east or west Atlanta, I don't know.“

"I won't miss having to go through anymore death dinners and watching other characters, any other cast members that I'm really a part of, go," Riggs told about his departure from the show. "I've actually loved my time on the show, I don't regret any of it ever. It was definitely the best experience that I could ever ask for. I'm okay with being off the show, it was definitely an experience that I'll never forget."


Sunday night marks the beginning of the second half of The Walking Dead’s eighth season, and if this adorable video has your eyes sweating thinking about Carl and Rick’s relationship, then you really have a lot of emotional work to do before tuning in this weekend.

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