Though it received relatively positive reviews, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Mr. Corman has been canceled after a single season.

Apple TV+ confirmed the news to Variety on Friday, just hours after it released the dramedy’s season 1 finale, titled “The Big Picture.” Mr. Corman, which premiered less than two months ago, tells the story of a Los Angeles public school teacher who endures mental health struggles fueled by a recent breakup and the realization his music dreams may never come true.

In addition to playing its titular character, Gordon-Levitt wrote, directed, and produced the show along with A24. The 40-year-old actor spoke about the series in a recent interview with Complex, explaining his intention to give audiences something they rarely see.

“From the beginning, I always wanted the show to feel what it’s like to be inside a person’s head,” Gordon-Levitt said. “A lot of movies and shows show you something more objective and the audience becomes more omniscient. That’s of course one way to tell a story. But for me, that doesn’t feel that much like real life, because in real life we never get to go outside of our own heads. We only ever see the world through our two eyes and that’s it.”

Mr. Corman’s first season delivered 10 episodes, and co-starred Debra Winger, Shannon Woodward, Juno Temple, Hugo Weaving, and rapper Logic. According to Variety, Gordon-Levitt will continue his relationship with Apple TV+, where he is working on an animated series titled Wolfboy and the Everything Factory.