Genie Bouchard Has To Go On A Date With A Stranger Thanks To A Twitter Super Bowl Bet

Genie Bouchard lost a Twitter bet with a stranger over the Super Bowl, and now has to go on a date with him.

Genie Bouchard Super Bowl Lost Bet Date

Image via Instagram

Genie Bouchard Super Bowl Lost Bet Date

There were a lot of lost bets on Sunday night after Tom Brady led the Patriots to an unbelievable Super Bowl victory, and Canadian tennis darling Eugenie Bouchard has her own debt to pay thanks to a overzealous tweet on her part. With the Falcons leading the Patriots 21-3 before halftime, Bouchard announced via her Twitter account that she "knew Atlanta would win," prompting one of her Twitter followers,  @punslayintwoods, to ask her if she would “go on a date” if she ended up being wrong. Bouchard quoted his tweet with the response "Sure."

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 24 hours, you'll know that the Patriots staged one of the most impressive comebacks in sporting history to clinch the title with a 34-28 final score. Being that she's a professional athlete who takes the rules seriously, Bouchard didn't back down, asking her admirer where he lived so that they could settle the debt. 

So...where do you live?
@geniebouchard Chicago. Go to school in Missouri. We can go on a date where ever you want! 😜

She also tweeted an important lesson that she learned throughout the whole ordeal, and one that we think a lot of people can identify with after last night's incredible upset. 

Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady 😇

Bouchard usually keeps her private life pretty private, but has been dating fellow Canadian and St. Louis Blues hockey player Jordan Caron for a number of years, and recently posted a photo of the two on a tropical vacation together. Luckily for Genie, she seems to be a lot better at real sports than she is at sports gambling: while she recently lost out in the third round of the Australian Open, she's still ranked in the top 50 players in the world. Don't quit your day job Genie!

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