Tyrese Opens Up About Struggling to Sue Home Depot: 'It's Like My Disneyland'

The 'Fast & Furious' actor alleges he and two colleagues were racially profiled in his $1 million lawsuit against the home improvement store.

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Tyrese Gibson recently spoke with TMZ about his emotional turmoil leading up to filing a $1 million lawsuit against Home Depot last week.

"I really struggled with even filing the lawsuit because Home Depot [has] literally been my favorite place," the Fast and Furious actor said. "It's like my Disneyland."

Tyrese revealed he has spent at least $8 to $10 million at Home Depot over the last two decades, an exorbitant sum that can probably be reached in about half that time at the Disney theme park.

The lawsuit claims Tyrese gave his American Express card to Eric Mora and Manuel Hernandez and informed the cashier that they would be completing a transaction as he waited in his car outside of the West Hills Home Depot. The employee allegedly refused to allow his two associates to finish the sale, repeatedly citing store policy and demanding to see a form of identification.

Tyrese returned to the store, but the cashier would not speak with him at first. A "significant heated discussion" ensued, and the transaction was eventually completed.

"When they did that blatant racism to them at Home Depot, they wasn't just mad, they was rattled," Tyrese said of the incident.

The suit alleges the three men were subjected to “outrageous discriminatory mistreatment and consumer racial profiling." They are seeking $1 million in damages.

Tyrese tells TMZ that he's strongly considering abandoning his "happy place" in favor of rival Lowe's.

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