Michael Blackson Celebrates Becoming a U.S. Citizen

Michael Blackson, who was born in Ghana, officially became a citizen of the United States decades after moving to New Jersey with his family as a teenager.

Michael Blackson attends premiere red carpet event.

Michael Blackson attends Zeus Network's "One Mo Chance" Season 2 Premiere.

Michael Blackson attends premiere red carpet event.

Michael Blackson was sworn in Wednesday, officially making him a U.S. citizen. 

TMZ caught up with Blackson as he reflected on his U.S. citizenship. “It [America] made me this bigger, better person that would help the world. America has been nothing but a blessing to me, and I’m happy to be a citizen,” he said. “Just like everybody else that comes to America, they come here for this American Dream, and I really am living the American Dream.” 

Blackson was born in Ghana and moved with his family to New Jersey at the age of 13. He rose to fame, thanks to his appearance in 2000’s Next Friday, followed by parts in a slew of other films and TV shows, including Coming 2 America, 30 Rock, and Are We There Yet

The comedian shared a lengthy message on Instagram where he showed off his green card, and reflected on the significant moment. “I’ve made a living making fun of America and Americans but all jokes aside America is by far the greatest country in the world and that’s why everyone comes here for an opportunity,” he wrote. “Today I’m turning in my green card to replace it with an American citizenship certificate.” 

Blackson told TMZ that his U.S. citizenship opens the door for a new world of political opportunities, such as becoming mayor. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be announcing his candidacy anytime soon, but he now has that opportunity after today.  

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