Watch a BlackBerry Z10 Take on the iPhone 5 (Video)

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Some things you've just got to see to believe, especially when comparing smartphones. Perhaps that's why the German blog Telekom-Presse decided to film an unreleased BlackBerry Z10 operating next to an iPhone 5.

The video's in German, but you can tell immediately that the BlackBerry excels at voice dictation more than Siri, who didn't get it quite right. For email, "BlackBerry offers more options and different access," says the reporter, including the ability to open messages with a simple tap. 

The two phones also went up to bat on Twitter, incoming text messages, toggling between apps and deleting old apps. Clearly, the reporter's on BlackBerry's side, so you might want to watch the video and judge for yourself.

[via TechCrunch]

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