Nicolas Cage Wants to Work With Quentin Tarantino and Has No Career Regrets

He also doesn't like to watch his own films.

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In an interview with Newsweek, Nicolas Cage revealed quite a bit about his innermost wants and desires. He wants to work with director Quentin Tarantino because he thinks they could “do something quite special," as well as work with Paul Thomas Anderson, A.V. Club reports. He also admitted that he purposely avoids watching films starring himself ("I don't really watch my own movies").

In the interview, which was organized in support of his current film, Pay The Ghost, Cage shared that he has no regrets about his career. In terms of The Wicker Man, Cage defended the film, stating that he knew that he and director Neil LaBute were creating something ridiculous when they made it. “I don’t think people are aware—or some of the people anyway—are aware the movie was designed to be a bit of a black comedy,” he said. “There was some irony involved in the portrayals. There seems to be a need by many of the folks on the Internet to think that Neil LaBute and myself were completely clueless as to that fact, which was not the case.”

Cage also talked about turning down a role in The Lord Of The Rings because he couldn’t meet the movie’s extensive filming demands. In fact, he’s grateful for the missed opportunity because now he “can enjoy them as an audience member.” 

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