What's New on Netflix Australia in April 2019

Your Netflix Australia TV guide for April 2019

Noah Centineo in production still for Netflix's The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo in production still for Netflix's The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo in production still for Netflix's The Perfect Date

No April Fools’ prank here – Game of Thrones: Season 8 really does come out this month. Okay, that might have been a little misleading. HBO isn’t Netflix, after all, so you can forget about bingeing all six episodes on April 14.

To stave off your cravings between each weekly episode, here’s what’s on Netflix this month:

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible (comedy special)

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While the Oscars may not have happened for Kevin Hart, the seasoned comedian still has his first Netflix Comedy Special to look forward to. Filmed before a sold-out crowd at London’s O2 Arena, Irresponsible sees Hart riff on friends, family, his recent cheating scandal, as well as other irresponsible behaviours from yesteryear.

Kevin Hart: Irresponsible airs April 2 on Netflix Australia.

Our Planet (series)

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Give that 4K TV of yours a workout.

A project that started in 2015, Our Planet comprises footage filmed by six hundred members of crew, in fifty countries over four years. Producers Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey (Planet Earth, Blue Planet) are joined once again by the seminal narrator Sir David Attenborough for a Netflix Special that will both stupefy and horrify.

Aside from the usual shots of colourful critters, an exclusive teaser shows a skyscraper-sized glacier breaking away into the sea. A flock of birds flee the devastation: a prescient look at things to come.

Our Planet airs April 5 on Netflix Australia.

Unicorn Store (film)

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Fans of Captain Marvel will have bore witness to the lively chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson, aka Carol Danvers and Nick Fury.

Prior to that, the pair starred in Unicorn Store, an “exploration of the things that drive us and the creativity that adulthood often tries to extinguish” (Netflix).

Kit (Larson), an aspiring painter, receives an invitation from a peculiar sales clerk (Jackson) to realise her childhood dream of owning a unicorn.

First screened at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, the whimsical picture now finds a new home on Netflix.

Unicorn Store airs April 5 on Netflix Australia.

You Vs Wild (series)

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch basically outed everyone as sadistic murderers (admit it, you chose to chop up the dad rather than bury him). Now, Netflix is offering you the chance to play God in another consequential interactive special.

Hanging from the side of a mountain, Bear Grylls muses aloud, “Do I go up and face the mountain lion, or do I take my chances with the abyss?”

His adventure is up to you.

(Definitely the abyss though, right?)

All eight episodes of You Vs Wild air April 10 on Netflix Australia.

HUGE in France (series)

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Gad Elmaleh is a hugely famous comedian… in France.

On a scale of Rove to Jim Jefferies, how successful will he be in the States? And what will his estranged teenage son think of all of this?

A semi-biopic, HUGE in France follows Elmaleh as he tries to reinvent himself for an American audience.

In the past, Elmaleh has been accused of allegedly plagiarizing stand-ups such as George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld.

A fitting tongue-in-cheek trailer sees Seinfeld act incredulous at Elmaleh being known as the “Seinfeld of France”.

HUGE in France airs April 12 on Netflix Australia.

The Perfect Date (film)

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Call it what you want – chick flick, corny ass rom-com – but this title is the embodiment of "Netflix and Chill".

If you don’t watch it, you’ll just have to hear shitty summaries from everyone around you, and be deluged by shitty Facebook memes you don’t understand.

… Maybe we’re projecting here, having gone through the To All The Boys I Loved Before furore blind. 

Noah Centineo (TATBILB, Sierra Burgess is a Loser) is Brook, who is paid by a classmate to take his cousin to her high school dance. After that goes well, he devises an app offers his stand-in boyfriend services to others.

Two of the girls include Camila Mendes (Riverdale) and Laura Marano (Lady Bird).

*Sizzling love triangle ensues*

The Perfect Date airs April 12 on Netflix Australia.

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