Justin Bieber Appears in 'Racist Superman' YouTube Sketch

Watch Justin Bieber perform as Canadian Superman.

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Making music may not be a top priority for Justin Bieber, but making people laugh sure is.

The comedic minds over at Shot Studios decided to imagine what Superman would be like in various ethnicities for a sketch called Racist Superman. For the casting, they decided to tap some of the internet's most visible personalities...and Justin Bieber.

Racist Superman features eight different versions of the character meeting up at a restaurant to debate who is the best version. Peppered throughout are jokes that poke fun of racial stereotypes as the Supermen argue about how much to tip the waitress. Toward the end, Bieber appears as "Canadian Superman" in the sketch that tries to get everyone to play him in hockey, but ends up being "too nice" to join in on the fun.

DJ Alesso appears in the sketch as the "Swedish Superman" who is too busy bumping house music to be bothered with the tough guy games. The video also features familiar faces like internet personality Anwar Jibawi, actor and comedian King Bach, former adult star and MTV VJ Simon Rex, Wild 'N Out cast member Timothy DeLaGhetto, singer IRO, actress Maia Mitchell, and Instagram comedian Klarity.

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