Justin Bieber's Wildest Instagram Posts

Justin Bieber is a man of many talents, including have one of the most followed Instagram accounts in the world. The pop star posts everything from memes and shirtless selfies to photos of his famous friends and childhood memories. Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber’s wildest Instagram posts.

Justin Bieber attends fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.
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Justin Bieber attends fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

At any given time, Justin Bieber will have multiple hit songs on the radio, be in the gossip headlines for some outrageous thing he just did, and is probably rocking some attention-grabbing hairstyle. If all of that wasn’t entertaining enough, the 23-year-old singer and songwriter also has one of the weirdest and wildest Instagram accounts of any celebrity. Even by world-famous pop star standards, Bieber’s Instagram manages to be full of more bizarre posts that you could ever imagine.

In some ways, Bieber’s Instagram isn’t too different from the average millennial dude; both include photos of friends, sneakers, and clothing. But more often than not, the wildly popular singer will post photos of his insane globetrotting lifestyle, and it becomes obvious that he is much more than the average millennial dude. He’s a mega star who spends his days doing things most of us regular people could only dream about.

Nearly 100 million people follow the Biebz on Instagram, making him one of the top ten celebrities on the platform (his on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez takes the crown with over 134 million followers, though). You’d think having that many eyeballs on your every move might make someone a little bit camera shy, but not Bieber. He posts freely and often without a care in the world. Whether it’s a shirtless photo of him getting into his car or a mysterious photo of him with a tiger, it’s pretty obvious that Bieber is game to share almost every aspect of his life with his legions of followers.

By now, Bieber has racked up thousands upon thousands of Instagram posts; that’s a lot of photos to scroll through to get to the good stuff. Don’t worry though, we’ve rounded up Justin Bieber’s weirdest and wildest Instagram posts into one spot, just for your enjoyment. Take a look through and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Bieber has never been one to shy away from taking his shirt off, but this photo stands out from the hordes of shirtless selfies before it. The big difference here? He’d just had his entire front torso tattooed.

Most people might not choose to share the visual reminder of their arrest on their Instagram, but Bieber isn’t most people. At least the singer was feeling remorseful and reflective when he posted his mugshot, and included the hashtags #notfun and #neveragain.

The Biebz himself isn’t in this one, but it’s still just as entertaining. Just internet comedian and meme maker “The Fat Jew” casually twerking in Bieber’s “Purpose Tour” merch and some short denim cutoffs. No big deal.

Bieber caused quite a commotion when he decided to don a dreadlock hairstyle back in 2016. Some would say they were the dreadlocks seen around the world; we’re just glad they’re not longer around.

This one was taken backstage before a show with Post Malone. It’s not everyday you see a photo of two bad boys with beautiful voices. And thanks to Bieber’s dreadlocks, Post Malone wasn’t the smelliest-looking dude in the room.

While music is Bieber’s artistic medium of choice, this artsy black-and-white photo of a Mercedes-Benz logo and Ichthys symbol (a.k.a. the “Jesus fish”) could be some poetic meditation on consumerism and religion. Or it could just be a weird picture of one of his cars.

Apparently “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” doesn’t apply to the Justin Biebers of the world. We’re not sure what’s in the paper bag (or where Bieber's shirt is for that matter), but at least the singer kept things cozy in a pair of sweat shorts and checkered Vans slip-on sneakers.

Bieber must have been really feeling himself on this day. Between the bright teal swim trunks and nipple rubbing, there is a lot to process here—but he seems to be having a good time, so we can’t be too mad at him.

Between their choppy bleached hair and crooning vocal ability, many have said Bieber and Halsey are similar. So much so that someone on the internet made this beautiful Photoshopped image of Halsey’s body with Bieber’s face, and the “Purpose” singer just had to share it with his fans.

Red bandana? Check. Goofy sunglasses? Check. Huge cello? Uh...check. Bieber’s trip to a music store wasn’t complete without this very perplexing outfit and an even weirder smile.

Not even the biggest male pop star in the world is above posting a thirst trap. For Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins campaign, Bieber decided to strip down to his underwear (with his hand over his bulge, of course) and snap a selfie that likely caused more than a few of his fans to faint.

Bieber has a bit of a “pretty boy” image, thanks to his natural good looks and various modeling campaigns. But the singer and his Instagram are both full of surprises: here we have the Biebz catching some air on an off-road ATV.

Leave it to DJ Khaled to bring together the likes of Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne for a catchy tune. The crew is just hanging out in some lavish backyard which obviously made the perfect backdrop for both the “I’m The One” video, and a flex-worthy Instagram post.

Los Angeles may be the city of the rich and famous, but LA smog is no joke—and Bieber knows it. Luckily, he went ahead and wore a medical mask (but decided a shirt wasn’t necessary) just to play it safe on this one sunny California day.

Another post from Bieber to show you that he is not the pretty boy you think he is. The Biebz decided to jump in the ring and get a couple of rounds of boxing in, because that’s what tough guys do.

Posting a photo with a tiger was pretty on trend for 2016, and that’s exactly what Bieber did. However, he was wearing a shirt (a button-up one, at that) so we have to give him props for making sure to class up a photo that every average guy has on their Tinder profile.

Shortly after Bieber debuted his new buzzed hairdo (a huge deal at the time), he decided to get in on the meme action by placing a tiny Drake from the Views album artwork on his shoulder. Don’t ever say Bieber isn’t down for Drizzy—or memes.

Bieber has a pretty wild taste in fashion to begin with but boots, overalls, and a chain link wallet is still pretty out-there. Yet, the mix of obscure trends from the ‘90s still manages to look pretty darn cool.

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in this photo but maybe that’s for the best. It’s clear that this was during Bieber’s short-lived bandana phase (R.I.P.) and while we can’t explain the goofy photo, he doesn’t appear to care about having this picture of himself on the internet forever.

Maybe Bieber on a Vespa scooter isn’t that weird on its own, but his bright green helmet and devilish smile sure turn this photo from average to absurd. It’s also worth noting that between the first and second photo, he managed to find a pair of thick framed glasses. Not an easy task to in the middle of a scooter ride.

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