We Now Know How Many People Sylvester Stallone Has Killed (in Movies)

The great Arnie v Sly debate finally has some numbers.

Image via imageswallpapers.com

Thankfully, instead of having to do the hard work of finding stuff out, there are people all over the world who will do it for you and upload a video so you can watch. To those people, we are ever grateful.

Because of one of them, we are lucky enough to have an answer to a question we've all been asking: how many people has Sly Stallone actually killed (in movies)? The answer is a whopping 539.

You can watch every single one in the half hour video below


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It also means we can answer another question that's been bugging us: who's the bigger (onscreen) murderer - Sly or Arnie? According to this video, Arnie only has a measly 509, putting Sly 30 bodies up.

That's finally sorted, now Sly can go back to just butchering lines.

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