Tamera Mowry on 13-Year Marriage to ‘Amazing’ Husband: 'I Have Faith That We've Got This'

The actress and media personality married her husband, Adam Housley, in 2011.

Hubert Vestil / Getty Images

Tamera Mowry and her husband, journalist and winemaker Adam Housley, are still holding on after 13 years of marriage.

As the couple, who share two children, have been married since 2011, their relationship challenges have evolved. In a new interview with People, Mowry discussed how communication has become both "easier" and "harder" over time.

"What's gotten easier is that we truly know each other, so we can communicate with our eyes closed," the former Sister, Sister star told the outlet while attending the 49th Annual Gracie Awards. "I can sense when something's off, even though he may not be saying it. So we communicate verbally, but also non-verbally, if that makes sense."

As for the tougher part of their marriage, Mowry, 45, points to her children, Aden, 11, and Ariah, 8, "getting older," versus parenthood being easier when they were younger, "because you are parenting the mind."

"You have to make sure, especially in this day and age, that their mental health is good, because they're faced with so many things that we weren't faced with," Mowry said about parenting with Housley.

Mowry called Housley "an amazing partner" while thanking her "wonderful village." 

"I have faith that we've got this," she continued.

While Mowry and Housley celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary on May 15, the actress' twin sister, Tia Mowry, divorced her former husband, actor Cory Hardict, in 2023 after 15 years of marriage. The exes also share two children.

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