Family Feud: Miley Cyrus Reportedly Had 'No Idea' About Mom and Sister's Rift Over Husband (UPDATE)

The mother and daughter are reportedly feuding over their romantic ties to 54-year-old actor Dominic Purcell.

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UPDATED 3/4, 5:18 p.m. ET: Miley Cyrus didn’t know about any “alleged” beef between her sister Noah Cyrus and their mother Tish regarding her new husband, Dominic Purcell.

A source told People, "Miley had no idea about the drama with Dominic. No idea at all," following the revelation that Noah and Purcell were romantically involved prior to Purcell and Tish's marriage. The source added, "[Miley] confronted her mom about it. She thinks it’s a strange situation, but she loves her mom and wants her to be happy.”

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Things are getting even messier in the Cyrus family.

The family's matriarch, Tish Cyrus-Purcell, 56, married former Prison Break actor, Dominic Purcell, 54, last August following her divorce from Billy Ray Cyrus earlier that year. But reports have surfaced that Cyrus-Purcell's relationship with her second husband is more than a little complicated, since Purcell reportedly had a relationship previously with his wife's youngest daughter, Noah, 24.

"Noah and Dominic were seeing each other in a friends with benefits way, off and on. They stopped seeing each other and then Tish started something up," a source told People.

The source also shared that Cyrus-Purcell knew about her daughter's alleged fling before dating Purcell, but "never gave Noah the chance to talk about all of this before they got married."

According to People, Noah "was offended" about her mother's new marriage. Entertainment Tonight reported that Tish did not invite Noah to her wedding. The singer reportedly has a close relationship with her father, while Billy Ray Cyrus and his eldest daughter, recent Grammy-winner Miley Cyrus, are estranged.

As for Cyrus-Purcell's marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus, the Hopetown Entertainment owner and president told the Call Her Daddy podcast last month that she struggled to leave the relationship before their divorce was finalized.

"The two years he went to Tennessee [during] COVID... I needed to be here—Miley and Noah are young; they need me," she said on the podcast. "So I stayed in California and he stayed in Tennessee. I really, during that period, just took a really good hard look at my life. Like, 'What was I gonna do?' Because it had not been in a good place for a long time."

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