Kourtney Kardashian Reflects on Stressful and 'Super Rare' Fetal Surgery

The eldest Kardashian sister tackled her high-risk delivery in the Season 5 premiere of Hulu's 'The Kardashians.'

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Kourtney Kardashian Barker and Travis Barker welcomed their son Rocky Thirteen, now six months old, through a "super rare" and high-risk fetal surgery.

According to People, the experience was tackled in the Season 5 premiere of Hulu's The Kardashians. Kourtney recounted that she had an at-home scan shortly before her husband was scheduled to leave for a Blink-182 tour.

"The doctor who will come to the house to do the scan is a high-risk doctor, really detailed and thorough at looking for everything," Kourtney, 45, said in the episode. "And something caught his eye where he wanted me to see a couple of specialists, and I had to go in for fetal surgery, where they do surgery on the baby, which was terrifying."

Ahead of the surgery, Kourtney said she had a "stressful" night, and Barker—who was out of the country—flew home to be by his wife's side.

"The timing of it was miraculous. That, like, saved everything," Kourtney expressed. "I just feel so grateful that, you know, how everything played out and for the doctors that really helped make the best decisions that really saved our baby."

She continued, "[The] doctor was like, 'That was a trauma, and I want you guys to be able to take a second and know that that was really traumatic.'"

After tapping into her "superpower" to remain "really calm" in emergency circumstances, Kourtney said she was "grateful" to have documented the fetal surgery on social media. She also specified that the medical treatment didn't occur due to her age.

"They were so grateful that I posted something about it because they said so many people don't feel comfortable, even telling their friend or their family members because they're like, 'Did they do something wrong, or different things?'" Kourtney said. "But my doctor's like, 'There's nothing that you did wrong, it's not age-related. It's like just a super rare thing that happened.' . ... After this happened, I was like, 'God's got this. We're good. This is a miracle and I'm gonna be super positive.'"

Following the surgery, Kourtney noted that she "felt good," but explained that if she didn't feel Rocky Thirteen move in her womb, she was "shaking him up because of the emergency fetal surgery that I had to have."

"I'm now, like, mostly on bed rest because there's a hole in the amniotic sac from where they had to go into the surgery," she concluded. "So I'm not allowed to drive; I'm not allowed to stand for more than 20 minutes. I'm really not leaving the house."

The baby was successfully born last November, marking Kourtney's fourth and Travis' third.

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