D.L. Hughley Says Mo'Nique 'Is Constantly Throwing the Rock and Hiding the Hand' After 'Club Shay Shay' Interview

The comedian went after his longtime rival in an Instagram post, calling Mo'Nique a liar after her chat with Shannon Sharpe on 'Club Shay Shay.'

Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Club Shay Shay (YouTube)

D.L. Hughley has given his take on Mo'Nique after the Oscar-winner appeared on Club Shay Shay on Wednesday and it's probably safe to assume that the feud has reignited between the two comedians.

In a four-minute Instagram reel, Hughley, 60, ripped into Mo'Nique, 56, making allegations that the actress-comedian has an estranged relationship with her family, and keeps her husband, Sidney Hicks, on her payroll.

"Welp, 'Club Shay Shay' is getting messier and messier," Hughley began. "It's almost like Wendy Williams didn't go nowhere, she just got a weight set."

He continued, "Every time I see Mo'Nique these days, she's doing some greasy-ass video, with her and her daddy, complaining about something."

After making an unprovoked joke about Mo'Nique's weight, Hughley brought up Mo'Nique's discussion on Club Shay Shay about visiting Hughley's radio show, where she was "offended" by his co-host. At the time, Hughley wasn't in the studio, but Mo'Nique claimed that she called him after the uncomfortable situation.

"Mo'Nique's a liar," Hughley said. "When Mo'Nique did call me, I hear her complaints, I listened to her and I pulled the segment. So if I had been as dismissive as she alleges I was, that segment would've aired. It didn't, because I respected her wishes. She's a liar."

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"It also befuddles the shit out of me how somebody who's a [comedian] talks as much shit about everybody else that she does–she has the temerity to be offended about anything? As much shit as you say about people?" he went on.

Hughley doubled down, bringing up their past contract dispute and claimed that it rattled his family. "She knows the story, but what she did in response to that–she talked about my dog, my wife...this broad even brought out my daughter's personal trauma. My daughter was molested and Mo'Nique brought that shit out and told the world that I allowed my daughter to be raped in front of me. The lying motherfucker. She knows she was lying. And it only stopped when everyone from my family checked her."

Hughley claimed that Mo'Nique is estranged with her children and grandchildren, before airing out her professional life.

"You know what else you won't see Mo'Nique doing? Telling jokes," he said. "Mo'Nique, if she [were to] spend as much time actually writing jokes and writing her Netflix special as she did complaining about not having one, it wouldn't have been trash. It got the worst reviews of any Netflix special in history because that's what Mo'Nique does: she complains and she has grievances."

Claiming that the Baltimore native is never "sweet and warm to people," Hughley alleged that Mo'Nique is an opportunist who's only kind "to butter somebody up to get something." "There's a reason why everywhere she goes, shit starts," he said.

Hughley and Mo'Nique's dispute has been long-running, both having a dispute in 2022 about who was intended to be the headliner of a stand-up show that both were on the bill for in Detroit.

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