Joe Exotic Reflects on Year Since 'Tiger King' Debut: 'It Has Been a Year of Hell'

Through his attorney, Joe Exotic said that it has been a year of hell for him since 'Tiger King' was released and went viral on Netflix last year.

Joe Exotic
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Joe Exotic

It’s been a year since quarantine began, and a year since Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King took the world by storm. Chronicling the life and times of self-proclaimed Tiger King Joe Exotic, former owner and operator of Exotic Animal Park, and the murder that took place at the zoo, the miniseries quickly took over social media after its debut.

A year later, and Joe Exotic says that his life has been “hell” since the show aired. Speaking through his attorney John M. Phillips as he serves his 22-year sentence, Exotic said that “it has been a year of hell” since Tiger King dropped. Exotic says that his former employees only “collect money and talk s*** to get on TV,” rather than help him as he did for them.

In terms of his case, Exotic is still adamant that he is innocent and that the truth will come out. “The truth will come out … come hell or high water, they will all answer to perjury at some point,” he says.

Exotic is also still upset that he did not get pardoned by former President Donald Trump as he was handing them out before he left office in December. Exotic claims that Trump “used me for advertisement and then left me here.”

Exotic says that he has “more faith in President Biden and VP Harris to do the right thing, not just for me, but for the thousands serving long sentences for non-violent crimes such as conspiracy.”

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