If George R.R. Martin’s early tease of House of the Dragon is any indication, Game of Thrones fans have a lot to look forward to. 

“So far, I am very excited. HOUSE OF THE DRAGON has wrapped in London and is now in post-production. What I have seen, I have loved,” the A Song of Ice and Fire author wrote on his blog. “I am eager to see more. 

Martin also teased future GoT offshoots that have yet to be officially announced. “I am excited about the other successor shows as well, however. I am dying to tell you all about them, but I am not supposed to, so…”

Martin previously confirmed that the prequel series had wrapped filming, and wrote that he was “loving” what he had seen so far

“Exciting news out of London—I am informed that shooting has WRAPPED for the first season,” the author wrote in his post. “Yes, all ten episodes. I have seen rough cuts of a few of them, and I’m loving them.”

Martin also wrote about Steve Conrad’s Dunk & Egg series, which is based on his novella series Tales of Dunk and Egg. “My team and I have had some great sessions with Steve and his team, and we really hit it off,” Martin wrote. “He’s determined to do a faithful adaptation of the stories, which is exactly what I want; these characters and stories are very precious to me.” He added that the show “will not be called DUNK & EGG,” and floated “A KNIGHT OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS” or “THE HEDGE KNIGHT” as possible titles.

As for animated shows, Martin talked about the development of a show that’s tentatively called The Golden Empire. “We have a great young writer on that one too, and I think the art and animation is just going to be beautiful,” he said. “I would tell you more if I could. I don’t think I can say a word about the other animated shows. Not yet.”

As for his involvement in the expansion of his world, Martin wrote that it’s up to him to “keep the canon… well, canonical.”