Bill Burr Says He’s Over Caring About Anti-Maskers: 'Go Take Alligator Plaque Medicine'

Bill Burr joined 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' to talk about his new comedy album, and joked about how he hopes COVID "wipes out" more people.

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Comedian Bill Burr recently joined Seth Meyers on his Late Night show to discuss Live from Madison Square Garden comedy album. During their conversation, Burr joked about how he hopes COVID-19 impacts more people who still refuse to wear masks in certain public settings.

“I will be definitely be wearing a mask, but I’m at the point now, I don’t care anymore,” Burr said around the five-minute mark to the host when asked if he would make fans wear masks to his meet-and-greets. “I don’t care. I don’t care if you think the world’s flat. I don’t care what you think. Just do whatever the hell you’re going to do.”

Burr then dipped into his bag of dark humor and clarified that it’s fine if people don’t want to wear masks, but that he hopes COVID starts taking out people at a higher volume.

“I hope the virus gets deadlier, and I want it to just wipe out way more people,” he joked. “That’s what I’m going for ‘cause I think we all tried to pull in the same direction. It’s not going to happen. And we’re all sort of broken up into these pods on the internet where people just want to hear what they want to hear. So, I mean, go ahead, you know, go take alligator plaque medicine or whatever the hell you’re into. I don’t care. Maybe it works, I don’t know. I don’t care.”

Burr continued, “People are blaming red ties and blue ties for this whole thing. You should blame God and modern medicine, because God made people flawed and modern medicine kept them all alive. Defeated Mother Nature. That’s why there’s eight billion mouth-breathing morons on the planet, myself included…  There’s a plague of people like me. So, I think it’s great that people are going to go old school and not listen to doctors and, you know, go back to doing dances or whatever the hell they’re going to do.”

The entire bit is said in jest, with the two then moving the conversation to people being outraged that Potato Head is now non-binary.

You can check out the full interview up top.

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