A 'Price Is Right' Model's Mistake Won a Contestant a Free Car

Manuela Arbeláez revealed the answer too early.

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If not today, chances are you've screwed up at least once at work lately. Shit happens, and only the most heartless bastard of a boss will fail to realize that. You just have to own up to your mistake, fix it (if possible), and keep it moving. This applies to both office lackeys, professional athletes, and everyone in between. 


The Price Is Right model Manuela Arbeláez made a colossal mistake during a game in which a contestant had to guess the price of a Hyundai Sonata SE. A $21,960 mistake, to be exact. She accidentally revealed the correct price after the contestant made just one of her three guesses. Because of the goof, the contestant automatically won the new whip. Her reaction was a go-to for infants and dogs everywhere: just hide. 

Arbaláez has taken it like a champ and is already joking about the incident on Twitter. She also confirmed her job isn't in jeopardy. 

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